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Los Yesterdays

Gabriel Rowland - Gente Soul LP

Gabriel Rowland - Gente Soul LP

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Entry #6: Gabriel Rowland (Los Yesterdays) brings out Eastside LA’s Chicano Soul and Funk Grooves. ¡Órale, vato!

Madlib Invazion Music Library Series was created by Madlib and Egon to give their creative friends a chance to stretch out and indulge in whatever type of music they wanted. This music was created for easy, one-stop clearance in film and television synchronization usage and for sampling. Multi-track files are available upon request for key projects. You can also enjoy these albums in the way that many do with the best of the best vintage library catalogs – listen, ponder, repeat.


1. Liberation 
2. Skerd 
3. Panorama 
4. T.O.F. 
5. The Wrong Hustle 
6. Why Can't It Be Like 
7. Baby Kute Purple 
8. So F'd Up Inside 
9. Spy Carnalito 
10. Vitamin Psych 
11. Rob Buster 
12. Romantico 
13. Let's Keep It Easy 
14. Don't Speak 
15. Mad Quakes 
16. Cry Folder Cry 

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